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What is Etorphin?

Etorphin (also known as Large Animal Immobilon or M99) is a very potent neuroleptanalgesic. Its use for immobilising animals results from its ability to cause catatonic states at very low dose levels. Etorphine is highly toxic in man and causes dizziness, nausea and pinpoint pupils, followed by respiratory depression, lowered blood pressure, cyanosis and, in extreme cases, loss of consciousness and cardiac arrest. If there is any danger that etorfine may have been injected or absorbed, the following steps should be taken IMMEDIATELY!!!!! In case of: 1.Accidental etorfin injection (including needle scratch). 2.Splashing into eyes, mouth or nose. 3.Spillage on to the skin or immediate clothing. BEFORE CALLING MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, INJECT A REVERSING AGENT. In an extreme emergency situation, if no Narcan is available it has been suggested that 0.1ml diprenorphine (also known as diprenorphin, diprenorfin, M5050 or Large animal Revivon) is injected preferably intravenously or alternatively intramuscularly, but if the actual quantity of etorphine injected or absorbed is known inject an equal quantity of diprenorfine. In case of 1) or 2), immediate washing with plenty of water may prevent significant absorption, but THIS SHOULD NEVER BE ASSUMED. THE DATA SHEET OR PACK LEAFLET SHOULD BE HANDED TO THE ATTENDING DOCTOR.

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